Single Use Products - Why ?

DO NOT WASH !” said his father to Michelangelo, in a letter he wrote. “Never wash yourself. Allow yourself to be rubbed down. But do not wash. For water brings all diseases…’

He was, in fact, trying to keep his son away from infections. Proactively – of the time. If you were once to fall ill (which God forbid), you would be a ruined man…” he said.

Thanks to modern medicine that we are not that desperate when we get sick, but the infections to which we are exposed are much more complicated now. With Covid-19, Ebola, AIDS, Hepatitis and other transmittable diseases on the rise, and multi-resistant infections in the picture, still the best tip ever yet is : Don’t get infected.

In the war against infection, hospitals place a strong emphasis on infection control. Universal precautions have been the standard for several years and healthcare providers have now come to demand the ‘freshness factor‘ for their equipment to the best extent. “Being the first and the last to use the equipment” is the end-users motto where sanitary and single-use products minimize the risk of cross-contamination. A reference table study by EDENA below shows the risk of infection in healthcare services in Europe.

In Vivamed Medical we came together to fulfill the needs of healthcare providers in their search for high performance products with consistent high quality to protect healthcare professionals and the patients. In this war against infection, our product line was designed and put together after years of experience in healthcare, both as a user and as a producer of these items. Building upon our experience, we designed our range in a scheme that also allows for ‘customization’ – as we know that differences do exist in practice at the end-user side. Yet, the efficiency of pre-packed surgical sets is already a proven argument in pre-and-post surgical theatre set-up and hygiene, for which we design procedure trays.

We respect and conform to the international standards – each of which was created for a reason- and save lives in the surgery room. We do not let the economic perspective compromise quality and safety in our products as it will eventually be more expensive on human life as well as the healthcare system. Studies have shown that treating post-operative infection that returns as an-inpatient maybe higher than the operation itself: not to mention further contamination risks or even, mortality.


DON’T WASH !…Use disposable products where possible.

Be the “first” and the “last” user.

Do not take the risk of infection and cross-contamination.

If there was a way to prevent infections during surgery and hospital visits, would you want to use every means possible?

A reference table study by EDENA before the Covid-19 pandemic below shows the risk of infection in healthcare services in Europe.