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The importance placed on human health and the quality of healthcare is a sign of civilization.

When I started my journey of business life in 1988, the scarcity of domestic supply in disposable medical products attracted my attention so we started to manufacture facemasks with the nonwovens in our product range as raw material. That is how we came across single use medical products. Over the years, we specialized in high-tech non-woven surfaces by including laminated fabrics in our product portfolio that had higher added value and were not locally produced either. The experience led us to today’s manufacturing platform. Through the years, we witnessed the importance of non-woven single use products in health services and were convinced that they are indispensable critical instruments in the fight against infection.

We established Vivamed Medical in 2022 basing on this perspective. Vivamed is an integrated facility of production, sterilization and laboratory services for single use surgical apparel and equipment, operating in accordance with international standards.

Vivamed Medical embodies years of sustainable production and market knowledge and has comprehensive know-how from raw material to a finished product range. Setting of with team players sharing the vision, Vivamed serves the market operating on a 3500m2 facility conforming to GMP and national and international Medical Device Regulations. Vivamed never compromises quality in material and services and produces top-of-the-range economic products with the aim of being a reference brand in the global market.

We believe that the importance placed on human health, the materials used and the quality of healthcare services are signs of civilization and we work to contribute to human life and the international health system with high quality and economically efficient products.

Aslan Uğur TEZMAN


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